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Sarah Elmer- 615-974-8509

Trish Merelo- 615-686-1680


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It's okay to not be okay.

If you're thinking about harming yourself, please call: 1-800-273-8255 or text: TN to 741741

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Natchez Trace Bridge Barrier Coalition



The Natchez Trace Bridge Barrier Coalition was formed by two survivors of suicide loss at the Natchez Trace Bridge; Trish Merelo lost her son, and Sarah Elmer lost her sister, and also lost a friend. Trish and Sarah are determined to turn their grief into action, preventing further loss of life at Middle Tennessee's "suicide magnet."

As so many bridges around the country are being outfitted with suicide prevention barriers, including the iconic Golden Gate, the time is now for the National Park Service to follow suit with the Natchez Trace. Please join us in making this very important difference in our community, STOP suicides at the Natchez Trace Bridge.

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